MXI 125 Scooter




The all new MXI 125 is a stylish and practical maxi scooter with electric fuel injection and combined braking system. It’s the ideal ride for learners on a budget or those looking to commute in comfort and style.

The MXI 125 scooter has a digital dash, front and rear disc brakes, a tall windshield and a large underseat storage space, making ideal for commuting to work, college or just popping to the shops.

Helping you get from A to B with great fuel economy from the punchy and agile motor, the MXI has an 11L fuel tank to keep you going for longer between fill-ups. Perfect for those starting out at 17 years old with a CBT, enabling you to get out and about without the need of parents.

Key Features:

  • Euro 5 Compliant

  • LED Lights

  • USB Charging Port

  • Underseat Storage

  • Combined Braking

  • Tall Windshield

  • Digital Dash